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Ancients souls..seeds and pencils

Ancients souls..seeds and pencils

Thanks for visiting me..

Thanks for visiting me..

beneath the whispering forest

beneath the whispering forest


A Quiet Space to keep a Visual Diary of my Sketches and Seeds..

This place will focus on drawings and creating finished works.

Thanks for visiting this little realm.
See you in the forest..


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Friday, June 27, 2014

Midsummer Fae


I sat beneath a veil of stars

waiting for Sun to shimmer

I wished upon a Faery's heart

 to awaken the mists of Midsummer 

 ~victoria pettella~

Here is the Faery being I drew ..

while sitting in nature in meditation...

sitting in the quiet mists, 

inside of the veil of midsummer

waiting for nature to answer me back

This is who  came through the pencil in my hand

Many Special Thanks to those who 
generously participated
in the Summer Solstice/Faery Day blog party!

It was awesome to see your 
artwork..faery beings 
and sharings!

Much appreciation from me to you!!

Thanks for visiting...

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Manon~Paper Saturdays

Happy Canada day~July 1~ to my Canadian Kindreds

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Share your Faery Day, Summer Solstice artwork

Hi Kindreds
Feel welcome (for those of you who love the Faery Realm)
or those who celebrate Midsummer/Summer Solstice
to share any kind of artwork /sketches, poems, crafts, faery-fashions,
any creations or celebrations you may wish to share!
Summer Solstice is in a few days, Faery Day is June 24

This linky will be open now and left up for a couple of weeks if you wish to share.
PS: You can share as many posts/ as many times as you wish 
throughout the next couple weeks!

Feel welcome to the free Faery Orb if you like!
Happy Summer Celebrations to you all.
Thanks for your kinds visits!

Happy Summer

Wishing you Faery Magic...and Fairy Bells

Wishing you a Beautiful season of Magick

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Guardian Spirits~Hound, Queen and Gnome

Spirit Hound
Guardian Spirit
Beautiful Creature
Gentle Protector

Other guardian spirits..

~Faery Mother~Faery queen~

Guardian of children 
and young fae-garden-spirits 


Earth spirit~Guardian of land
(pencil on newsprint)

Thanks for visiting


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Welcome to the Whispering Forest

Welcome to the Whispering Forest

Meditative Welcome Orb

Meditative Welcome Orb

souls and spirits of nature

souls and spirits of nature