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Ancients souls..seeds and pencils

Ancients souls..seeds and pencils

Thanks for visiting me..

Thanks for visiting me..

beneath the whispering forest

beneath the whispering forest


A Quiet Space to keep a Visual Diary of my Sketches and Seeds..

This place will focus on drawings and creating finished works.

Thanks for visiting this little realm.
See you in the forest..


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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Elven-Faery in the Birch

in the 

Where she hides

Every line 
on Branch 
and Bark

her Wisdom 
leaves a
Sacred Mark

~victoria pettella~

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For those asking what kind of pencils..
the pencils I used for this drawing are pictured below

They are Prismacolor Premier~Turquoise
Medium Graphite~Sketching Pencils
Set  of 12 in a tin..( tree on cover of tin)
So far they are a lovely variety
and some really soft leads
so you have to be a bit gentle with them.
I have only tried few of them so far, must sharpen the rest!

Thanks mom( a gift from her!)

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Pencil and Wing

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nature's Divine and Eternal Mates

This week I am working on another large drawing 
on bristol board.

Nature Deva shining the cosmic spiral  of light above
...creates the Sacred Space 
inside the hollow 
of  a giant Ancient Birch Tree, 
a Sacred-Portal
both Eternal Mates united
weaving and intertwining 
as  One Light, One Love, One Spirit
They Unite....creating the Sacred-Cosmic-Seeds 
for those on earth 
to find their divine pair

a visual dream journey and meditation 
will accompany this piece when completed!

still much detail and shading to create...

Graphite pencils
Canson, XL series Recycled Bristol Board
96 lb,  19 x 24 inches


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Friday, November 1, 2013

Sacred Spaces ~ Journeying Within

This is  a new piece I am working on

As I sketch 
I travel inward
the pencil guiding me towards 
the sacred and quiet places within

I listen..I shape the lines..
blending gently with my hands...

I am searching this map of creation
questing....and reaching

...and I feel something 
reach back

When the sacred within you... reaches back
you are changed somehow
like an invisible thread of light 
weaving you Home
and making you Whole
~victoria pettella~

Thanks for visiting
Much appreciation for all you kind words!

Wishing you sacred moments..
and sacred journeys within!

Canson XL Series Recycled Bristol Board
96 lb
19 x 24 inches
Done in various Charcoals 
vine, woodless pencil, compressed sticks


I hope to share it completed soon with you..



Sunday Sketches

Friday, October 25, 2013

s e e d s ~dreamer of nature's realm



Thanks for visiting
Wishing you new seeds to create with
New dreams to open
new worlds to visit and explore

pencil in sketchbook



Sunday Sketches

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

Upon the Waters: Wizards of Water and Air

upon the waters

faces from the sea

white wizard upon grey water

divining souls beneath 

upon the waters

spirits of healing 

carrying what is lost back to land

and up towards the Light and the living

Thank you for meeting one of my 
Water Wizards : Gifts:
Finding Hidden Souls and helping carriers of grief, 
Waters of emotional release, 
Transitioning what is lost 
and returning to the Angels of healing 
for transformation and peace 
returning all Hearts back home 
to wholeness and love
Note: a blogger wrote and asked about the unicorn style moustache
It is a~Unicorn horn-diviner -shaped moustache, like a water-finder-soulfinder rods
~his hair-beard is magical and shapeshifts
Most of my wizards have these , but all have different gifts-purpose connected to them.

Gifts of Freedom

Another series: 
Elemental wizards of AIR

The white wizard of healing
Wise Sage , Master of Winds
Magician of The Mind, Visionary Journeys
Wizards of flying , Gifts of Feathers & Freedom
A Guiding Spirit with you always
Teachings: How to find your own Feathers of Empowerment within

Graphite pencils, white charcoal
on Strathmore's Recycled Sketch paper
400 series
Toned Grey and Toned Tan sketch papers

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To My Canadian Kindreds
Thanksgiving Blessings to you.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Soul Sight Guides

This Gentle Guide is Spiritual and Wise 

He is
Quiet as a Hermit
solitary and soulful 
You may recognize him in Yourself
Listening to nature
following the winds
speaking to the creatures and spirits 
taking care of the forest
He embodies the magic of
knowing your path
and walking it

Raven and Wise Wizardly-Hermit
They are
Soul Sight Guides
Guding you.. to  find ....you
and  to know
your truth


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Sunday Sketches

Guided by the face of dreams

d r e a m

Guided by the face of dreams

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Much appreciation

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Saturday, September 21, 2013


Here is Graziella in progress

From the Elven -Fae Series
Getting to know each spirit that appears 
is always enchanting! 
They each reveal their own Sacred Stories and Dreams.
More to come..

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Friday, September 20, 2013

A New Realm

Thanks for visiting my new realm!
A simple quiet space
to keep an archive of my sketches and seeds..

This place will focus on drawing, sketching
and creating finished works.


To those who may know me from my painting blog,
Many Thanks and Much appreciation to you!


I may eventually just keep this blog
as my Creative Archive
(& then have a portfolio site for my paintings , for those asking.)

Happy Wkd to you all!

Welcome to the Whispering Forest

Welcome to the Whispering Forest

Meditative Welcome Orb

Meditative Welcome Orb

souls and spirits of nature

souls and spirits of nature